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Feedback Acoustic

Feedback Acoustic

Feedback Acoustic¬†(2014) is a live, off the floor album containing 7 tracks from Roger’s album Feedback. The goal was to put 2 artists from different musical backgrounds together and let them loose for a few hours. Feedback Acoustic is an intimate and raw stripped down performance that captures the music’s most essential pieces.

Track Listing
  1. Make Em Say (Watch Me) feat. Dane Hartsell
  2. We Should Go Back feat. Chin Injeti
  3. Writing On The Wall feat. Dane Hartsell (view video)
  4. The Hum feat. Dane Hartsell (view video)
  5. Must Have Been Love feat. Craig Stickland
  6. Centerfold feat. Dane Hartsell
  7. Life Is Fighting feat. Dylan Murray

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Curious Sounds
Curious Sounds
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