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Swim Drink FishSwim Drink FishSwim Drink Fish

Swim Drink Fish

Our community in Toronto came together to celebrate art, music, and clean water in a big way!
More than 275 supporters gathered at the Globe & Mail Centre to attend a special evening that raised over $485,000 towards swimmable, drinkable, fishable water for everyone.

It was a fabulous night in Toronto with a culinary performance with signature canapes and cocktail by Roger Mooking.

Since its inception in 2012, Canadian artists have donated over 250 works of art to our auctions, raising over 3.5 million dollars.
Curious SoundsCurious SoundsCurious Sounds

Curious Sounds

Inspired by the fact that the average human attention span lasts 8.25 seconds, Curious Sounds is a collection of small bursts of light, colour, and words that explore how time shapes and defines the world, especially from a Black perspective. Comprising three parts, which mirror the arc of a life - the Learning, the Living, and the Leaving - the book is a series of fleeting moments and visuals that help us to discover the beauty in our own chaos.
dis/mantle : The Rebuilddis/mantle : The Rebuilddis/mantle : The Rebuild

dis/mantle : The Rebuild

As this chapter of Dis/Mantle closes, we now focus on rebuilding a new narrative for our future.  Let’s take what we can learn from those who came before us and led the way. Freedom seekers like Mrs. Louisa Pipkin, who travelled to Canada in perilous conditions, and freedom fighters like the many abolitionists who worked to ensure that people made it here safely, inspire us to take care of each other on our journeys and to establish strong foundations for future generations.

The ReBuild is an experiential event that focuses on the importance of working together to lift each other up to new levels, while also reminding us that taking care of ourselves is a fundamental necessity. The Rebuild is a youth focussed family-friendly event that will be engaging for all. Through art, music, poetry, and dance, we will explore methods of self-care, learn ways to creatively express ourselves, and celebrate our accomplishments and resiliency.
The BurnThe BurnThe Burn

The Burn

Heal and cleanse through the restorative power of rising heat, ash, smoke and water of The Burn, an interactive installation inspired by the universally sacred elements of fire and water.

The Burn was created by multi-talented, award-winning artist Roger Mooking in collaboration with interdisciplinary artist and designer Javid JAH and multi-disciplinary artist and Elder Catherine Tammaro.


Welcome to Mrs. Pipkins Manor...Dis/Mantle is an art exhibit inspired by the efforts of Black abolitionists.   The reimagined Spadina House in Toronto Canada,

Chef Roger Mooking's processional culinary installation features ingredients, recipes, themes and foodways central to the African diaspora as part of a multi artist takeover of the museum.

Dis/Mantle is hosted by Artist In Residence, Gordon Shadrach.


This installation is a response to the drastic rise in banned books in the United States. Spread across these desks you'll encounter books challenged for featuring stories about race, gender, inequalities and inclusion. They have been banned from schools, libraries and other public institutions.

Inspired by the sit-ins of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, Toronto artist and chef Roger Mooking created Read(In) as a response in solidarity with the equity-deserving characters, communities, and inclusive themes these books bring to the forefront. You'll also find books that inspire us to engage and celebrate diverse histories and perspectives.

You are welcome to sit, read, read aloud, and engage with the books. What books resonate most with you? What questions do they inspire?
Curious Sounds
Curious Sounds
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