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Swim Drink Fish

Swim Drink Fish

Since its inception in 2012, Canadian artists have donated over 250 works of art to our auctions, raising over 3.5 million dollars. As Swim Drink Fish has grown and evolved over the years, artists have become guides for exploring our vision of a world where communities become the greatest advocates for their local waters, by empowering and engaging the action needed to protect and restore their waters for generations to come.

Swim Drink Fish is grateful for the incredible generosity of the Canadian art community.

We are thrilled to announce details for the 2024 Artists for Water event in support of Swim Drink Fish.
We hope you will join us as we gather for an exciting evening in celebration of art and water. Featuring a special Performance by acclaimed Chef and Artist Roger Mooking.

Mooking has made a mark as a multimedia artist, drawing inspiration from his family roots, love for people, and travels. His various exhibits with City of Toronto’s Awakenings, won an award in 2022 from the American Association for State and Local History. His piece featured at this year’s Artists for Water entitled “free. Dumb rains.” was inspired by the Swim Drink Fish movement, and is complimented by a food performance. Part storytelling and part visual art, his double-sided auction item is an attempt to reconcile the absurdity of the connection between freedom and water.

Art Donated by Roger Mooking entitled:

Free. Dumb Rains
Silkscreen on canvas (double sided)
29″ x 33″

Curious Sounds
Curious Sounds
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