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Roger Mooking - Curious SoundsRoger Mooking - Curious Sounds


The Burn

Heal and cleanse through the restorative power of rising heat, ash, smoke and water of The Burn, an interactive installation inspired by the universally sacred elements of fire and water.

Share in The Burn. Engage with The Burn’s travelling vessels as they tour the city from January 19 to March 11, inspiring Torontonians to set healing intentions on wooden spheres.

The Burn was created by multi-talented, award-winning artist Roger Mooking in collaboration with interdisciplinary artist and designer Javid JAH and multi-disciplinary artist and Elder Catherine Tammaro.  

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This installation is part of #StrongerTOgether, a program for Toronto residents to recognize and reflect on the COVID-19 pandemic. Stronger TOgether funded in part by the Government of Canada. @CdnHeritage

Artist – Roger Mooking

Designer – Javid Jah

Advisor – Elder Catherine Tammaro

Curator – Umbereen Inayet

Producers – Tamara Williams, Nicole Rayment & Ben Renzella

Sound Design – Surgeon & The Butcher



Curious Sounds
Curious Sounds
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