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Roger Mooking - Curious SoundsRoger Mooking - Curious Sounds



Released: November 28 2021


Released: November 28 2021

Edibles (2021) is the Producer / Writer / Artist’s 5th studio release.

Flavour:  Madd flavour (certified organic)

Ingredients: Sauce, Free Range Lyricism, 100% Raw Emotional Extract, Live Cultures (unfiltered), zero additives

Known Side Effects: Heady rush with a full body buzz, increased heart rate, impaired f**k giving, altered sense of reality

Shelf Life: Perpetuity

Disclaimer: 100% Fat Free.  No Fillers.  May be addictive.  May contain Nuts.

Track Listing
  1. Neva Too Late
  2. Never Thot (feat. MALACHI) (view video)
  3. It Had to Be
  4. Feel Good
  5. Elephant in the Room

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Curious Sounds
Curious Sounds
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