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Roger Mooking - Curious SoundsRoger Mooking - Curious Sounds


4 Winter Reads4 Winter Reads4 Winter Reads

4 Winter Reads

November 2023
VIDEO – BloopersVIDEO – BloopersVIDEO – Bloopers

VIDEO – Bloopers

January 2022
RM Recipe FeatureRM Recipe FeatureRM Recipe Feature

RM Recipe Feature

February 2021
Chefs UnpluggedChefs UnpluggedChefs Unplugged

Chefs Unplugged

October 2020
Restaurant RoundtableRestaurant RoundtableRestaurant Roundtable

Restaurant Roundtable

October 2020
Meet Coco & LalaMeet Coco & LalaMeet Coco & Lala

Meet Coco & Lala

February 2020
Roger Mooking on LifeRoger Mooking on LifeRoger Mooking on Life

Roger Mooking on Life

November 2019
VIDEO – ArepasVIDEO – ArepasVIDEO – Arepas

VIDEO – Arepas

September 2019
A Dish with a TwistA Dish with a TwistA Dish with a Twist

A Dish with a Twist

January 2019
Ponche CremePonche CremePonche Creme

Ponche Creme

December 2018
Loaded FrittataLoaded FrittataLoaded Frittata

Loaded Frittata

November 2018
Roast BakeRoast BakeRoast Bake

Roast Bake

November 2018
The Gourmet-overThe Gourmet-overThe Gourmet-over

The Gourmet-over

August 2018
Labor Day SpecialLabor Day SpecialLabor Day Special

Labor Day Special

August 2018
Summer GrillingSummer GrillingSummer Grilling

Summer Grilling

June 2018
Fire in the BellyFire in the BellyFire in the Belly

Fire in the Belly

September 2017
Toronto EatsToronto EatsToronto Eats

Toronto Eats

September 2017
Green ChickenGreen ChickenGreen Chicken

Green Chicken

July 2017


June 2017
Celebrity Chef EatsCelebrity Chef EatsCelebrity Chef Eats

Celebrity Chef Eats

October 2016
Quick and Easy TacosQuick and Easy TacosQuick and Easy Tacos

Quick and Easy Tacos

October 2016
Food Lovers UniteFood Lovers UniteFood Lovers Unite

Food Lovers Unite

October 2016
Leftover Turkey TacosLeftover Turkey TacosLeftover Turkey Tacos

Leftover Turkey Tacos

October 2016
Man Fire FoodMan Fire FoodMan Fire Food

Man Fire Food

February 2016
Off The ClockOff The ClockOff The Clock

Off The Clock

October 2015
WestJet MagazineWestJet MagazineWestJet Magazine

WestJet Magazine

October 2015
King of the GrillKing of the GrillKing of the Grill

King of the Grill

September 2015


September 2015
VIDEO – Starting YoungVIDEO – Starting YoungVIDEO – Starting Young

VIDEO – Starting Young

September 2015
AOL Build ImagesAOL Build ImagesAOL Build Images

AOL Build Images

August 2015
VIDEO – Twist By RMVIDEO – Twist By RMVIDEO – Twist By RM

VIDEO – Twist By RM

January 2015
My First CarMy First CarMy First Car

My First Car

October 2014
Foodie and the BeastFoodie and the BeastFoodie and the Beast

Foodie and the Beast

January 2014
Twist By RMTwist By RMTwist By RM

Twist By RM

December 2013
Ultimate CookoffUltimate CookoffUltimate Cookoff

Ultimate Cookoff

November 2013
Chefs At PearsonChefs At PearsonChefs At Pearson

Chefs At Pearson

November 2013
Feedback InterviewFeedback InterviewFeedback Interview

Feedback Interview

November 2013
The World Is Your GrillThe World Is Your GrillThe World Is Your Grill

The World Is Your Grill

September 2013
Great Ideas with RMGreat Ideas with RMGreat Ideas with RM

Great Ideas with RM

August 2013
Feedback FeatureFeedback FeatureFeedback Feature

Feedback Feature

August 2013
Feedback InterviewFeedback InterviewFeedback Interview

Feedback Interview

July 2013
Hawaii Travel BlogHawaii Travel BlogHawaii Travel Blog

Hawaii Travel Blog

July 2013
Feedback Hip HopFeedback Hip HopFeedback Hip Hop

Feedback Hip Hop

July 2013
RM Food AdventuresRM Food AdventuresRM Food Adventures

RM Food Adventures

July 2013
MFF In HawaiiMFF In HawaiiMFF In Hawaii

MFF In Hawaii

June 2013
5 Q’s With RM5 Q’s With RM5 Q’s With RM

5 Q’s With RM

June 2013
Living FoodLiving FoodLiving Food

Living Food

May 2013
Soul SearcherSoul SearcherSoul Searcher

Soul Searcher

Mar 2012


Dec 2011
Q&A With RogerQ&A With RogerQ&A With Roger

Q&A With Roger

Dec 2011
Rate A RotiRate A RotiRate A Roti

Rate A Roti

July 2011
Heat Seekers in LAHeat Seekers in LAHeat Seekers in LA

Heat Seekers in LA

July 2011
Fiery FoodsFiery FoodsFiery Foods

Fiery Foods

July 2011
LA Times EventLA Times EventLA Times Event

LA Times Event

Sep 2010
SE AsiaSE AsiaSE Asia

SE Asia

Sep 2010
What I Watch?What I Watch?What I Watch?

What I Watch?

Jul 2010
Foodie Alert!Foodie Alert!Foodie Alert!

Foodie Alert!

May 2010
Kultura TastingKultura TastingKultura Tasting

Kultura Tasting

Jan 2010
Design ExchangeDesign ExchangeDesign Exchange

Design Exchange

Jun 2009


Jun 2009
Nyood ReviewNyood ReviewNyood Review

Nyood Review

May 2009
Midnight MagicMidnight MagicMidnight Magic

Midnight Magic

Nov 2008
Social DiningSocial DiningSocial Dining

Social Dining

Nov 2008
COVER- NyoodCOVER- NyoodCOVER- Nyood

COVER- Nyood

Oct 2008
The Hot TicketThe Hot TicketThe Hot Ticket

The Hot Ticket

Oct 2008
TV DinnerTV DinnerTV Dinner

TV Dinner

Oct 2008
Kitchen MaestroKitchen MaestroKitchen Maestro

Kitchen Maestro

May 2008
Kultura ClubKultura ClubKultura Club

Kultura Club

Jun 2007
Cool CustomersCool CustomersCool Customers

Cool Customers

May 2007
Editor’s PickEditor’s PickEditor’s Pick

Editor’s Pick

Nov 2006
Calm & KulturedCalm & KulturedCalm & Kultured

Calm & Kultured

Nov 2006
Kultura CultureKultura CultureKultura Culture

Kultura Culture

Oct 2006
Curious Sounds
Curious Sounds
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