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Roger Mooking - Curious SoundsRoger Mooking - Curious Sounds



Roger Mooking - Curious Sounds
Inspired by the fact that the average human attention span lasts 8.25 seconds, Curious Sounds is a collection of small bursts of light, colour, and words that explore how time shapes and defines the world, especially from a Black perspective. Comprising three parts, which mirror the arc of a life - the Learning, the Living, and the Leaving - the book is a series of fleeting moments and visuals that help us to discover the beauty in our own chaos.
Roger Mooking - Everyday Exotic: The Cookbook
Make everyday recipes with an global twist with Everyday Exotic: The Cookbook. Roger has taken the best and most popular recipes from his show Everyday Exotic and created more than 50 exceptional ingredients and easy to make recipes, redefining comfort food and bringing flavors of the world to your everyday and special occasion meals.



SoundBites is Rogers’ 6th solo release.  This album is the audio inspiration for Curious Sounds – A Dialogue in Three Movements, a book written by Roger and celebrated author francesca ekwuyasi that is a celebration of chaos, visual art, storytelling and essays.

With SoundBites, no song is longer than 90 seconds to reinforce the albums frenetic concept.  This album explores the human life cycle, from conception to end of life, in an increasingly attention deficit world.

The album is broken into three movements, The Learning (from conception to adolescence), The Living (the most dynamic and active phase of life), and The Leaving (reflective towards the end of life). Produced by Surgeon & The Butcher (@surgeonandbutcher), this 19 song adventure is both thoughtful and frantic.


Edibles (2021) is the Producer / Writer / Artist’s 5th studio release.

Flavour:  Madd flavour (certified organic)

Ingredients: Sauce, Free Range Lyricism, 100% Raw Emotional Extract, Live Cultures (unfiltered), zero additives

Known Side Effects: Heady rush with a full body buzz, increased heart rate, impaired f**k giving, altered sense of reality

Shelf Life: Perpetuity

Disclaimer: 100% Fat Free.  No Fillers.  May be addictive.  May contain Nuts.

Eat Your Words

Eat Your Words (2019) is Roger’s 4th studio release, a focused 9 song adventure. This body of work showcases Roger’s songwriting, production and performance skill; and is influenced by Trinidadian Calypso, Venezuelan vibes, classic hip hop, rock and funk to curate a musically kaleidoscopical experience.

Feedback Acoustic

Feedback Acoustic (2014) is a live, off the floor album containing 7 tracks from Roger’s album Feedback. The goal was to put 2 artists from different musical backgrounds together and let them loose for a few hours. Feedback Acoustic is an intimate and raw stripped down performance that captures the music’s most essential pieces.


Roger Mooking has travelled the world and everywhere he goes he finds that people share the same joys, the same sadness, the same frustrations and the same triumphs.  With raw edges and rich dense stories at the centre, Feedback (2013) is a commentary of universal truths.

Soul Food
Soul Food is Roger’s debut solo album. Soul Food (2008) explores the heart of Soul music in all of its disguises. This collection of songs also provided the theme song, UMEUS, to his global hit TV show Everyday Exotic.


Roger Mooking - Apparel
Choose from 6 different food inspired Roger Mooking's designs. The exclusive T-Shirt collection and baby onesies come in a variety of sizes and styles.
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